technique & Topics

General Technique

• Progressive thought
• Effective procedure
• Gentle approach
• Respectful method
• Individual pace
• Private and confidential

Process Points

• Release obsolete 3D karma concepts
• Understand and redirect your innate
• Align intent and consciousness
• Reprogram your body
• Live the New Earth dynamic

Depending on your personal interest, MLC can cover a variety of topics. The following list will give you an idea - but not limitation – of what is available.

• YOUR Identity
You are What You Believe Yourself to be

• YOUR Life
Nosce te Ipsum – Know Thyself

• YOUR Voice
Communication, Speaking and Listening

• YOUR Way
Personal Responsibility – Truth, Anger, Assertiveness, Addictions, Master

• YOUR Relationships
Assessment – Myths, Differences, Quality

• YOUR Perceptions
Thought Patterns, Habits, Learning Styles

• YOUR Consciousness
Awareness, Going Deeper, Body, Mind, Soul

• YOUR Potential
Lead the Life you Want

• YOUR Story
Create Your Storyboard

• YOUR Restoration
Rejuvenation, Longevity, Youthing