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To engage in counselling is a courageous step to take. Not because it is scary, only because it can feel scary. We fear the unknown – the unfamiliar. If we only knew, before we began, what is actually available to us, we’d all be clamoring to get started.

I have a gift that enables me to see and understand the incredible potential that is often lying dormant, or partially utilized, within an individual. This potential is often not recognized by the person involved. So I have designed my counselling sessions to help those courageous enough to take that first step make these discoveries.

The Power of You

When I first meet with a client I like to offer a few reminders. I call them reminders because these are things we all already know and have only forgotten. Besides the obvious three dimensional carbon based unit we see as a reflection in our mirrors, we are also multidimensional, beautiful and unique energy beings. By becoming more acquainted with this latter aspect of ourselves, we become more aware of the greatness within.

Using our growing understanding of the metaphysical, we are able to greatly enhance our effectiveness. You can get a sense of what is available to you metaphysically by taking your present life, regardless of where you are at, and multiplying it exponentially.

Personal counselling through metaphysics is based in evolving consciousness and growing awareness. It guides you to recall the power and potential of who you are. A metaphysical perspective increases your understanding of all that is you.

Methaphysical Life Counselling

Metaphysical Life Counselling offers exciting new information that utilizes profound knowledge of the innate. This is information revealed only in the last two years.

• The innate is not three dimensional.
• The innate is not a brain function.
• The innate is not centralized.

Think of the innate as a bridge between your brain and your cells. The brain is an excellent calculator; however, it is not able to communicate the nature of what is happening in your cells or in your emotional body. The brain may send operational signals to the body, but it is unaware of what happens next. This can be intellectualized indefinitely but you will never find out from your brain how your cells are doing. To receive this information requires the innate.

The system described here is only recognized through the auspices of metaphysics. It has not yet been identified by medical science. Still, we have all experienced the power of our innate. Now, because of universal energy changes in the last few years, we can learn to reprogram our body to operate under new guidelines. This guidance is at the core of MLC procedures.