saddle up for a fun horseback riding adventure in the MYRA bellevue provincial park

What We Offer

Kelowna Stables @ Myra-Canyon Ranch B&B in Kelowna, BC is a magnificent
spot for horseback riding and can be reached within a 15 minutes drive
from downtown Kelowna. Kelowna Stables backs onto Myra-Bellevue Provincial
and is only minutes away from the Kettle Valley Railway Trail (KVR) with its
scenic Myra Canyon Trestles.

Our staff has lots of experience with horses and all wranglers are CHA
certified trail guides.

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Your Wrangler

Gina was born in Switzerland and
started riding horses when she was
6 years old. She has been horse
crazy all her life and wants more
than anything to be around horses
all day long.

Your Hosts

A deep love for outdoor living was
what drew us from Switzerland to
Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley – we
believe there is no place more
beautiful in ‚SUPER NATURAL‘ British
Columbia (BC).